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Tuesday, 20 Jun 2017

What are you looking forward to at The EMBO Meeting 2013?

Soundbites from Saturday 21 September 2013

“There's no place like The EMBO Meeting to see the current state of science, and meet a lot of interesting people.”

– Guillem Casanovas, Postdoc, Boston Children's Hospital

“I am looking forward to the networking opportunities, not only with people I’ve worked with in the past that are here, but also to observe the wide range of science, including editors, policymakers, and more.”

– Jerome Korzelius, Postdoc, DKFZ/ZMBH, Heidelberg, Germany

“New trends in research, something a bit out of the ordinary, an unexpected talk.”

– Anastasios Perrakis, Group Leader, Netherlands Cancer Institute

"Learning how to organize a great conference, so we can try to do even better for next year's FEBS EMBO 2014 meeting in Paris. Also, I'm very interested in the talks, because there's a great selection of cutting-edge science."

– Frédéric Dardel, President of University and organizer of FEBS EMBO 2014, L'Université Paris Descartes

"Convincing scientists that it's not the impact factor that matters!"

– Stefano Bertuzzi, Executive Director, ASCB and #sfDORA advocate, ASCB

"The scientific topics are really interesting and include lots in the area I work on. I'd also like to know what people from EMBO are up to, especially postdocs and younger researchers."

– Juan Gerez, Postdoc & EMBO Fellow, ETH Zurich

Collected by Raeka Aiyar

The EMBO Meeting
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