The EMBO Meeting

The EMBO Meeting 2013





Tuesday, 20 Jun 2017


The EMBO Meeting 2013 offers you a myriad of networking opportunities. You can attend the Meet the Speakers lunch, discuss scientific publishing with the EMBO editors and of course attend the PhDs meet Postdocs party.

These are all chances to talk to and exchange ideas with scientists in different fields, from all career stages and in a broad range of careers.


Meet the Speakers' Lunch

Meet the keynote and plenary speakers. This is an ideal opportunity, especially for students and younger scientists, to meet the speaker faculty and ask questions.

Sunday 22 September

13:15-14:15, Auditorium Lounge corridor

Speakers: Vishva Dixit, Anthony Hyman, Stephen P. Jackson, Rachel Klevit, Timothy J. Mitchison, Michael Rosen.

Monday 23 September

13:30-14:30, Auditorium Lounge corridor

Speakers: Ari Helenius, Georg Nagel, Anjana Rao, François Schweisguth, Joan Steitz.

Tuesday 24 September

12:30-13:30, Auditorium Lounge corridor

Speakers: Adriano Aguzzi, Thijn Brummelkamp, Iain Hagan, Penny A. Jeggo, Antonio Lanzavecchia, Petra Schwille, Kári Stefánsson.


PhD meets Postdoc Party

Sunday 22 September

20:00-22:00 De Heeren van Amstel (From RAI, Europaplein tram 4 to Rembrandtplein)

Organized and hosted by students and postdocs of the Netherlands Cancer Institute.

The EMBO Meeting
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