The EMBO Meeting

The EMBO Meeting 2013





Tuesday, 20 Jun 2017


More information will follow, here are some recommendations for the time being:

The Amsterdam Tourist Office provides info on:
Youth hostels
Bed & Breakfast
Short Stay Apartments

The links listed below are recommended hotels and other online booking agents offering a wide variety of places to stay in and around Amsterdam:
Qbic Hotel WTC (1.2km from the venue)
Hotel Victorie (1.2km from the venue)

The links listed below are recommended hostels and online booking agents offering a wide variety of establishments (including hostels, budget hotels and private rooms) in Amsterdam and its environs:
Hostel Janson (2.1 km from the venue)
Meininger Hotel
(6.4km from the venue)

Note: Special conference hotel rates and a hotel booking service were also offered by MCI Deutschland GmbH during the registration process. These are no longer available. If you did book via the registration system, please note:
  • Booking via this system is not compulsory.
  • If you want to use this service:
    • Please pay attention to the cancellation policy on the registration form. Charges do apply.
    • Please be aware that those individual hotels may publish online or last-minute promotional rates for a limited number of rooms which may vary from the prices contracted for The EMBO Meeting by MCI Deutschland GmbH.
    • Invited Speakers: EMBO has made the necessary arrangements for you and you will be notified accordingly.
The EMBO Meeting
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