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Tuesday, 20 Jun 2017

Flash Talks

In the flash talk sessions participants whose abstracts were rated highly by the abstract committee give a brief (3-minute) introduction to their research. This is a great opportunity for other participants to learn, in bite-sized chunks, about work being carried out in research areas outside their own field.







Surgical resection and radiofrequency ablation initiate cancer in bile duct cells deficient for p53 and Rb

Alain de Bruin (A 013)


Functional interaction between autophagy and ciliogenesis

Olatz Pampliega (B 096)


Polycomb Group protein Ezh2 is dispensable for tumor organoids intestinal homeostasis, but required for growth of intestinal

Martijn Koppens (A 056)


Patients with lymphocytic myocarditis have increased lymphocytes in the skeletal muscle: a new diagnostic tool

Reindert Emmens (B 080)


The control of branching morphogenesis

Jannick Vollmer (A 045)


In vivo RNAi screen for Bmi1 targets in gliomagenesis

Gaetano Gargiulo (B 124)


Orsay virus infection dynamics in Caenorhabditis elegans

Mark Sterken (A 113)


Localized ubiquitylation promotes Rac1-dependent cell-cell contact

Peter Hordijk (B 192)


Caveolin-1 is required for insulin receptor internalization and Erk, but not Akt, signaling in pancreatic beta-cells

Tobias Albrecht (A 086)


Small-molecule activators of Clostridium difficile toxin B auto-proteolysis

Mattias Ivarsson (B 128)


Endocytosis drives oncogenic Kras-dependent acinar-ductal metaplasia in the pancreas

ClaraLubeseder-Martellato (A 129)


The chromatin scaffold protein SAFB1 renders chromatin permissive for DNA damage signaling

Matthias Altmeyer (B 060)


The non-ubiquitylation and catalytic functioning of the RAD18 and RNF8 E3 ubiquitin ligases have substantial overlapping roles in DSB repair and genome maintenance

Shunichi Takeda (A 066)


N-terminal acetylation protects proteins from proteasomal degradation

Bert van de Kooij (B 179)


Single virus imaging reveals dependence on endosome-specific lipid for vesicular stomatitis virus fusion

Pedro Matos (A 110)


Equidistant positioning of nuclei by dynamically unstable microtubules

Juliane Teapal (B 011)


Small molecule inhibition of the KRAS – PDE6d interaction impairs oncogenic KRAS signalling

Björn Papke (A 135)


Molecular organization of the kinetochore-microtubule interface

Alex Faesen (B 018)


Nitrite administration ameliorates mitochondrial bioenergetics and is neuroprotective in cellular and vertebrate models of Parkinson's disease

Chiara Milanese (A 156)


A function for miRNA turn-over control in cell cycle and circadian rhythms

Jean Hausser (B 184)


Investigation of centromere dynamics in Caenorhabditis elegans embryos

Jorge Ferreira (B 034)


Reconstitution and characterization of eukaryotic N6-threonylcarbamoylation of tRNA using a minimal enzyme system

Leo Wan (B 219)


Exploring the anti-cancer activity of Mps1 inhibitors in mouse models

Ana Rita Maia (B 065)







Synucleins regulate the kinetics of synaptic vesicle endocytosis by acting at early steps

Karina Vargas (C 161)

Column based yeast cultivation for the isolation of cohorts of differentially aged cells

Georges Janssens (C 223)

In vivo imaging of stem cell divisions in the C. elegans epidermis

Suzanne van der Horst (C 201)


How not to burst the (replication) bubble: Novel assay reveals the fate of replication-blocking lesions in mammalian chromosomal replication

Isadora Cohen (C 062)

Wnt secretion is required for colon cancer cell survival

Oksana Voloshanenko (C 144)

All four one and one for all – nutrient cross feeding in eukaryotes creates new frontiers for cell cell communication and metabolic compartmentalisation

Kate Campbell (C 220)


Signal peptide peptidase-like 3 is an unconventional GxGD protease that regulates cellular glycosylation

Matthias Voss (C 179)

Hypoxia enhances vascular calcification

Sophie Mokas (C 133)

Allelic exclusion in VDJ recombination of the immunoglobulin heavy chain gene through calmodulin inhibition of E2A

Thomas Grundström (C 081)


Chronophage regulates temporal identity of neural stem cells in the Drosophila ventral nerve cord

Paul Fox (C 046)

Nucleotide-dependent conformational changes of 26S proteasome: implications to substrate processing

Pawel Sledz (C 215)

Epigenetic mechanisms through which antisense transcript long noncoding RNA (lncRNA) HOTAIR is transcriptionally induced by estradiol and other endocrine disrupting chemicals in breast cancer cells

Arunoday Bhan (C 035)


Systematic characterization of the conformation and dynamics of budding yeast chromosome reveals the flexibility of the fiber throughout the genome

Olivier Gadal (A 032)

Elimination of shelterin subunits bypasses RNAi for pericentric heterochromatin assembly

Xavier Tadeo (C 041)

The ESCRT activity limits basal NF-kappaB signaling

Agnieszka Maminska (C 196)


Revealing the competition between peeled single-stranded DNA, melting bubbles and S-DNA during DNA overstretching

Graeme King (C 209)

Gastric primary cell models to study in vitro transformation events

Philipp Schlaermann (C 112)

LZTFL1 – a novel regulator of adherens junctions

Susann Bruche (C 002)


Elp3 deficiency eradicates tumour initiation in the intestine

Aurelie Ladang (C 194)

Investigating trans-membrane protein diffusion in living Escherichia coli bacteria

Aravindan Varadarajan (C 219)

Centriolar satellites localize microcephaly proteins to the centrosome to control centriole duplication

Andrew Kodani (C 154)


The fitness of replicating cells depends on an inheritable signal that inhibits Cdc42 activation at cytokinesis remnants

Franz Meitinger (C 018)

How actin initiates the motor activity of myosin

Anne Houdusse (C 207)

Oligomerization and higher order assembly contribute to sub-cellular localization of a bacterial scaffold

Adam Perez (C 110)


The E3 ligase Parkin regulates a novel stress-protective pathway linking NF-kappaB signaling and mitochondrial integrity via linear ubiquitination

Anne Kathrin Müller-Rischart (C 156)

ATPase-driven oligomerization of RIG-I on RNA allows optimal activation of type-I interferon

Jenish Pate (C 109)

Analysis of Bcl11b function during thymocyte differentiation

Hirokazu Tanaka (C 085)

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