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Tuesday, 20 Jun 2017

Pursuing an academic career

Monday 23 September, 13:30–14:45, Topaz Lounge

The EMBO Meeting speaker faculty will facilitate discussion, answer questions and recommend appropriate resources on a variety of topics related to careers in academia.

Please note spaces at the Pursuing an academic career session are limited -
please register as soon as possible to avoid disappointment!

Up to ten participants and two mentors will be seated for round table discussions per topic:

  1. After your PhD - what comes next in academia? The choice between a postdoc in your home country or abroad, Europe, the USA or elsewhere?
    Hosted by: Holger Stark & Liesbeth M. Veenhoff
    Petra Schwille & Wouter de Laat
  2. Planning your career: obtaining an appropriate postdoc position
    Hosted by: René Ketting & Carolyn Moores
  3. Starting your own lab: where and how (i.e. tenured positions, fellowships, grants) and other issues
    Hosted by: Thijn Brummelkamp & Cédric Blanpain
  4. Job application strategies for academic positions: applying for independent positions - first as a junior independent investigator and then at higher (assistant professor) level
    Hosted by: Geneviève Almouzni & Jacques Neefjes
  5. Defining and refining research directions for your project and your group
    Hosted by: Mikael Simons & Antonella De Matteis
  6. Raising a family while pursuing a career in research
    Hosted by: Ludger Johannes & Karla Neugebauer
  7. Publishing: How important is it for your career? When is your story ready to be published? Which journal to try? Who should be involved in writing the paper, and who should be co-authors? How to reply to editors and reviewers
    Hosted by: Marileen Dogterom & Iain Hagan
  8. Writing your first grant. Grant opportunities for young scientists within Europe
    Hosted by: Anna Akhmanova & Olli Kallioniemi
  9. Communicating your science
    Hosted by: Roland Kanaar & Geert Kops

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